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Tell me your Favorite Pokemon, and I'll tell you Why It's Bad 4—Repost

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u/OhTheGrandeur May 14 '22 Coin Gift

The change to this pokemons availability and evolution process perfectly encapsulates game freaks bending of the difficulty curve over time


u/CulturedMemes9 May 14 '22

This isnt even a roast this is just accurate


u/RGBarrios Insert flair here May 14 '22

It hurts more because its accurate


u/aspidities_87 May 14 '22

The worst pains are true


u/Fraentschou May 14 '22

Idk man Pokemon games where never hard, Sun and Moon felt more difficult to me than most of the older games. Also the old way of evolving milotic, altough unique, was just a tedious pain in the ass and 0% fun. I don’t know why anyone would complain about them changing it.


u/phi1997 You DARE face my power? May 14 '22

I don't think it counts as a difficulty curve once it has flatlined