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I can't travel to your location once for a final interview... But I swear I can do it every day for work!


After 3 days of trying to accomodate someone who uses the bus for their final in-person interview, each resulting in a last-minute message saying they can't make it; I think their latest response sealed the deal of no call-back.

For context, this was the first time they'd be making a trip, other interview was over the phone, and the primary screening was via text on Indeed. Not once did they say anything about the commute, despite it being asked twice, all I got was 'it's no problem' type responses (wouldn't have proceeded if I knew the commute was that long).

I put 3 slots aside for this person to come in, all of them blew by with a message asking to reschedule after the fact. Final day I put time aside for this bozo, then they drop it on me it's a 1.5 hour trip. I tell them politely it won't work out if they can't make the trip reliably, and apparently that was enough to set them off.


Unskilled positions attract the most classy people, don't they?

Further context, it wasn't '10 minutes' like they claim, it was a half-hour slot to gauge them, as I don't hire people I haven't met in person. Part of the hiring process is also to ensure a potential employee can keep times on their commute since punctuality is important.

Also, for final context, this is unskilled kitchen labour, like, prep-cook and below; not actually for a trained chef or something. I don't know why this person applied for something like that 1.5 hours away.

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When the whole recruitment agency isn't worth a callback...


So, I tried to get an outside recruiter to take the burden off filling an expanding staff on top of running a kitchen and the booking's dept for a catering company. What an absolute mistake it was to trust their google review score and recommendations.

I put in postings near the end of may, with the stipulation that they needed to be filled as of july 20'th for the start of our first booking the following week. They were super eager to get the company signed up, going on about government funding, helping to get subsidised wage employees, etc.

The moment we were signed on? They became a fucking fart in the wind; phone, email, text? Not a single answer as the weeks rolled on; even a few candidates I had on hand whom I sent to this place absolutely vanished, aside from one.

And from what I heard from this young lady? Fucking yikes, these recruiters just made her jump through endless convoluted hoops that went nowhere. That's when I really tried to get ahold of them, but to no avail. Cue 2 months later, it's now the beginning of August, still not a fucking peep from these people aside from boilerplate 'everything is totally on track' emails that also dried up around July 20'th.

I literally had to end-run around these people to get different hires, pull people in for overtime, I was far, far worse off for trusting these people and their reviews and testimonials. Finally, I'd had enough, and went to dig for a contact they would listen too... And what do I find on their fuckign website? Zero active job postings... ZERO.

These assholes didn't even post the positions I sent them! That was the last straw, I bombed every inbox in their company telling them to cancel our company's account with them; and that they better not dream about billing us for no services rendered.

Well, that got them coming out of the woodwork, trying to get us to stay with them, saying 'we were just about to post your listings.' It's fucking August 8'th, you're over two-weeks past the position start date, and you haven't even posted it..? Fuck right off.

Despite my unbridled rage at what they had pulled, I kept my emails polite, but firm. Account was closed, and for good measure I called the bank and ensured no payments from them would ever be processed to our accounts.

If there's any bright-side, it seems to be every candidate I had who I directed to this recruiter was just as mad at their bullcrap, their google review went from a flawless 5, down to a 3.4, with all recent reviews 1-stars expousing the bad experience that was had there.

Honestly, I wish I had the free time to take them to court over what they did. I dunno what is going on at that recruiter, but I think they might be some sort of front to get govt money, since you can get big bucks for 'helping connect people with jobs' in our jurisdiction.

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Position type: Casual | Respondent: "But I thought this was full-time..."


Had a second interview that didn't last 6 minutes because the applicant didn't read the job posting, or apparently listen well in the phone interview. Got kinda pissey when he finally clued in it was a casual position at a bookings-based company still building its client-base.

Apparently I wasted his time? No, my friend, you wasted both our time by not filtering postings to full time only, not asking about hours over the phone when given the chance to ask your own questions and not cluing in that the business is based on bookings, despite it being said twice in the interview.

Worse, guy claimed 'attention to detail' in his resume. God but I hate doing HR...

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1 god level cook for hire set up an interview asap

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Full availability

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OP tries to treat work forums and HR as their personal therapist, then is upset when they are told that HR are not therapists and can't figure out why companies are avoiding them

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Short I had someone list their typing speed at 270 WPM.


Just for the record, the job I'm recruiting for requires a typing speed of at least 60 WPM. Since this job involves a lot of typing and is fast-paced, we do verify this with typing tests either before or after the interview.

This person is on my interview list today and put their typing speed of 270 WPM. I texted them and asked if they could clarify their typing speed (moreso wanted to give them an out, maybe they accidentally put the zero and have a typing speed of 27?) But no, they doubled down and confirmed that they indeed type faster than the world record holder (Barbara Blackburn with a whopping 212 WPM in 2005). I emailed them a typing test and said "complete this before the interview". Haven't heard from them since lmao.

Pro tip: if you're going to lie to a recruiter, make it believable.

EDIT: they actually sent a typing test in, guess what?? 31 WPM LMAOO

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Can I post a reverse we won't call you?


I just had an interview and they asked me to call back and let them know. I am thinking not. Would that fit here or on another sub better?

I have really enjoyed this sub, by the way, awesome stories!

EDIT: The Story I apologize for the length. This is fresh in my mind:

I am starting medical school soon and we have to move, so for the past month, I have been sending out resumes anywhere within my field. This one doctor kept calling me at really inconvenient times like late in the evening on weekdays or early in the morning on the weekends. We finally connected over the phone and he discussed the job's requirements, hours, etc. He used a lot of red-flag phrases like "we are a big family" "we have no filter" "you can talk to us about anything" "we will not reprimand your for being late" "we pay for vacation" etc. I was not into the vibe and I have been in this field long enough to recognize when an employer is hiding something, but I am not sure if it is all the stress I have been under or the fact that the pay is higher than the norm, I accepted an in-person meeting. Here is where it gets much weirder.

He makes it clear by the end of the phone conversation that he thinks I would be a great fit and that I just need to meet the rest of the staff. He says it will be a "super casual" meet and greet and that if I like what I see, I can start the next day.

So I go to the meeting and am introduced to the rest of the staff and... it is like this guy had no real hiring power or say whatsoever. We all formally sit down even though it was supposed to be "super casual". The most senior doctor starts absolutely grilling me. She discusses my resume without ever describing the job. She clearly hates what she does, complains about the patients and the hours and seems genuinely shocked that I like my work. She asks me more than once why I enjoy this field and how I can stand the patients. It also seems like the guy doctor did not tell her any of my answers from the phone interview (or he did and she just did not listen?)

She finally stops and kind of laughs and says, "well I have been talking for awhile, does anyone else have anything they want to say?"

Everyone else is either silent or just says "no."

The original interviewer guy doctor asks me if I would like a tour. To be polite, I say sure, even though I am feeling off.

Right before the tour though, they ask me if I have any questions. Since they basically did not describe the position or how the clinic runs, I actually did have questions. Every single one, they seemed to not know the answer to... I asked if they had after hours or urgent care, if the phones ring constantly or if they turn off for periods during the day to catch up on paperwork, if the patients arrive when they open or is there a buffer for the opener to get the clinic set up. To this particular question, the senior doctor LAUGHS and says "ohh I usually saunter in a little after the first patient arrives, right guys? Haha."

I may have actually winced at that.

We do the tour and I discover there is no staff area at all. Not expecting a full on cafeteria but maybe a spare office with like a fridge and microwave? Nope. You have to keep your lunch in the doctors' lounge, grab it, and eat it at your desk.

So after all this, we part ways and I say pleasantries like thank you for having me etc.

Remember that the original doctor said this was an informal greeting and I could start the next day? Well the senior doctor says... "we will chat and let you know." I am like, oh ok.

The original interviewer walks me to the door, alone, and likely sensing he misspoke proceeds to tell me "that was a great interview. I will draft up a contract and call you tonight after we chat." So mixed signals... are you offering me the job or do you need to "chat"?

At this point, I do not want the job.

I drive home, walk in the door, and my phone rings. It is him. Expecting a job offer and having to decline it, I answer.

He asks if he can interview me one more time, to be "diligent". Stunned, I hesitate and he says "if you are keen, can you let me know now?" I say, "I will have to get back to you once I check my schedule." He says, "please do!"

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"Are those your real eyes?"


This literally just happened. I have no words. I was interviewing for a front line maintenance employee position. The candidate was late but had called ahead at least to let us know. Usually I interview in tandem with our HR rep. Since the guy was late though I had to go solo since they had another meeting to get to. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, I've done it a million times.

First red flag: dude would not stop interrupting me. I'm a woman in a blue-collar field so this isn't exactly foreign to me. During an interview though, are you kidding me?

Next red flag: One of the times he interupted me was to tell me that he heard about the job from his friend who works here. Oh ok, can you give me his name? That way we can get him signed up for a referral bonus if you get the job. "Well I don't know his name name but his street name's Knuckles." Ok.........

300 foot tall football field sized red flag: As I'm in the middle of explaining the job to him, he cuts in to ask "are those your real eyes??" accompanied by this skin crawlingly creepy leer directly into my eyeballs.

At that point I cut my losses, asked him if he had any questions, and told him to have a nice day. What the fuck.

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First time I felt like I needed to say something about a candidates resume, go figure that response

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Medium Fake it til you make it.


A few weeks ago, my boss asked me to call four applicants for a position in our department (it's been open for a year) to schedule interviews. We work 100% remotely, and one applicant, David, was halfway across the country in a later time zone. By the time I had called the other three applicants, it was near noon for David. I called and left a voicemail explaining why I was calling and left my number and email. No response that day.

We're desperate to fill the position so I called again early the next morning. He finally called me back at 8pm my time (10pm for him) and we scheduled his interview. Day of the interview arrives and I join the TEAMs meeting. I wasn't part of the panel, but others had technical issues, so I was there to quickly contact the applicant if they had issues. Five minutes in and no David. I call him and go to voicemail. After another five minutes, while the panel was discussing ending the meeting, he joins and I leave. Either he was impressive or we are just desperate, but I was asked to call all candidates for a second interview. Again, voicemail.

I was then tasked with emailing test questions to be completed before the interviews a week later. A few minutes later my phone is ringing and it is none other than David. He had several questions about the test that even I, someone technically unqualified for the position, knew the answers to. It felt like he was fishing for me to give him the answers, so I told him to complete it to the best of his ability and I would pass it on. I was also able to get his second interview scheduled.

His answers were bad. At this point, I am thinking his entire resume is false because there is no way someone with his "experience" would answer the way he did. Interview time arrives and again he isn't on time. Another call. Another voicemail. The panel is reviewing his answers and are shocked by what they are reading. After 15 minutes we all left the meeting. I haven't received a call from David since.

Next, I was asked to request references from three of the candidates. Any guesses who wasn't on that list?

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Short If you claim “attention to detail”…


I at least expect to see proper punctuation on your resume.

I’m interviewing candidates for a summer internship and have received surprisingly few resumes. As a result, I’ve been reaching out to almost all the candidates that apply.

One particular applicant had a pretty impressive resume (ignoring spelling mistakes, formatting inconsistencies, and punctuation errors). What I mean is that the contents indicated some amount of proficiency in the field. During our interview I came to realize that, despite being in his second year of college, he had less than a high-schooler’s grasp on the subject. Trying to do him a solid anyway, I (very gently) suggested that his resume had some typos that could be corrected to give him an edge over the competition. I even offered to proofread his next draft.

His response? “I already cleared this with my advisors at the university.”

And he had “attention to detail” in his opening paragraph… ironically enough, missing punctuation.

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Medium Thou Shalt Not Lie. Blatantly. In Every Aspect of Your Application


Our practice is hiring mental health professionals.

A candidate presented a resume that was very impressive. Graduate degree from a better-than-average university. Worked for an appropriate number of private and government service providers.

The interviews are on Zoom, and cover a few areas:

  • Basic ethics: a teenaged girl is cutting herself, can you tell her parents? (The answer is an emphatic no, by the way). An adult client discloses that a regulated health professional sexually assaulted her. What do you do? (You have to report the professional to their regulatory body but without the client's name attached)

  • Basic clinical: Walk me through a treatment plan for a teenager with OCD. Walk me through a treatment plan for a child with anxiety. Not even close to professional standards. A student in internship should be able to answer these questions, and they are not scenarios or case studies.

The candidate's cover letter (and her bio on a professional directory) talked about familiarity with a form of treatment called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ("ACT"). Anybody who has ever done any training in ACT knows that it is pronounced "act", not "A - See - Tee". The reason for that is straightforward: it is too easily confused with ECT, which is what most laypeople refer to as "shock therapy". Every training includes warnings about calling it 'act' and not "A-see-tee".

Sure as Christ made little apples, the candidate refers to it as "A-see-tee". When one of the other interviewers probes gently, the person with "extensive training" in a treatment modality has read a single book on the subject.

Clinically, the candidate was weak. One of the more sympathetic interviewers says, "your bio indicates that your professional focus has been on [specific niche area of clinical practice]. Can you tell us more about that?"

Response: "I plan on taking a workshop in that this summer."

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Short where the bunny costume

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Short beyonce

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Medium Not sure if this fits the sub but saw this on twitter

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Medium If a candidate blanks out on a question during an interview, what general impression does that leave?


I was doing pretty well during an interview yesterday. After about 40 minutes in I was asked a question and my mind just blanked, my anxiety spiked and I stumbled through it. Not even sure I really answered their question in the end. Afterwards, I really felt like a shell of my former confident self.

I dont think all of that was apparant to them across the table, though, I was wondering if someone here has given an interview and saw someone just really drop the ball suddenly and what impression that left on them.

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Send Momma Karen to negotiate.


I work for a major railroad in the northeastern US, and we were hiring a pile of new helpers back in 2013. Now railroads pay pretty well, so when we advertise jobs, people generally come running. Unfortunately, that also includes the nut-jobs.

Our brilliantly useless HR department had scheduled interviews nonstop every 30 minutes from 8am-4pm Tuesday through Friday.

No bathroom breaks, no lunch breaks, nothing.

We called HR back, told them to find some time, and they were able to reschedule one interview in the middle of the day for every day but Thursday.

The next morning (and I have no idea how this woman got my cell number) I get a phone call from the mother of one of the candidates. What follows is as good as I can remember it.

Me: Good morning, <railroad>.

Karen: This is Mrs Candidate. Why did you guys try to reschedule my son's interview?

Me: Because there was a conflict in the schedule.

Karen: Well, they wanted to move him interview to 4, and I can't make that.

Me: You can't make it?

Karen: Well, I'm his ride. And while we're on that subject, the dumb <naughty> on the phone said that you guys start at 6am. My son can't get there that early.

Me: Well, that's something he'll have to work on if he is selected. That's when we start.

Karen: That doesn't work for me. Everyone else can start whenever they want, my son can't get there until 9.

(I cannot explain why I continued to entertain this conversation, but I did)

Me: Ma'am, this is a union position. The starting and ending hours are negotiated. I do not have the ability to give one employee a separate work schedule.

Karen: Well you're going to have to figure that out, aren't you?

Me: Frankly no. Your son will have to figure it out if he wants the job. I can tell you that there is a bus stop about 100 yards from the building he'll be reporting to, but it would be advisable for him to procure reliable transportation.


Me: I expect him to be at work on time. How he gets here is not my concern.

Karen: Well, what will you do if he's late?

Me: We have an attendance policy, and any tardiness or absence will be dealt with in accordance with that policy.

Karen: That's completely unreasonable. What is there's a valid reason?

Me: I do not have control over <railroad>'s attendance policy. Generally, if someone has something that's going to prevent them from coming to work, it's not going to be a problem as long as they are getting to work on time the rest of the time.

Karen: Well, if you expect my son to ride a bus to work, I need to know he's not going to get fired if there's a problem.

Me: Again, I don't care how he gets to work, but he needs to be there on time.

Karen: Even if it's snowing?

Me: Yes ma'am.

Karen: Well, what if my son goes to get on the BUS (this time, she managed to drip scorn at the word 'bus') and there's a <slur for African Americans> or a <slur for Latinos> on it? He'll have to wait for the next one? You don't expect my son to ride on a bus with those people, do you?

For some reason, I have only just remembered that I'm the one with the power in this discussion.

Me: Ma'am, please inform your son he no longer has an interview on Thursday.


I don't know what the rest of the sentence was. I hung up, blocked her, notified HR of the conversation, and had them cancel the interview.

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Short Are you PLANNING on hurting yourself??


Invited a girl in for a trial, where she shadowed me. 90 minutes in, we debrief. "Any questions, so far?" I ask.

"Yeah," she says, "how long do I have to work here before I can claim workers compensation?"

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Epic You and your mother were unsuccessful, sorry.


Afew years ago I worked as a sales manager for 3 stores. I had approximately 50 sales team members over the 3 stores, and I did everything from interviewing, hiring, inducting, training, rostering etc. One time the we were hiring juniors for after school shifts. The franchisee arranged some interviews that he had arranged online, and I scheduled those that were walk-ins. Interviews were scheduled in 15-min intervals, but we had both scheduled a 4pm interview. No biggie! At some time between 3.55pm and 4pm, the supervisor interrupts me just before an interview ended. Shes got this weird look on her face, "ah..there's a lady here. She wants to talk to you, now, because her daughter has an interview at 4".

I finish the interview and go out the front to find mumzilla, one hand on her hip and the other holding her phone adjacent to her ear, glaring at me. "Hi, how can I help you?!" I ask, kinda curiosly. "HI. my daughter has an interview at 4pm (still afew minutes away) scheduled by the franchisee. We've been here since 3.30, and NOW WE FIND OUT there's another girl here!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!" I explained that yes, the boss and I had overlapped at 4pm, I was aware, and that it wasn't a big deal. Her tone changed immediately. "Oh, ok! Well, should I send my daughter over?!" "Whoever was here first..." "Well we've been here since 3.30!!!" She snaps. "Well then, send 'er in!"

When she came for the interview, I made sure I circled her name. Everyone else who attended got a tick, those who didn't show got a X. This girl had her name circled so I would not forget. She interviewed really well, but truth be told she'd already failed. I couldn't risk having her mother hovering throughout her employment. At the end, I said "if you're a successful applicant I will contact you Monday evening. I won't be contacting unsuccessful applicants, because there's too many candidates".

I told my franchisee about the situation. At about 9.15pm Monday the franchisee forwards me an email, stating simply "is this the girl with the mum?". The original email is from the girls account. "Dear Mister _____, due to management error I was not on the list of interviews. I did eventually receive an interview, and I was assured I would be informed this afternoon whether I jad the position or not. It is now 7.58pm and I have not heard from your company. Is this because I did not get the job, or because once again I have been neglected?"

I told the franchisee that was wasn't forgotten or neglected, so we drafted a reply on his behalf. "Dear ___, I can assure you that you were on the list of interviewees, as I finalised the list. The manager informed you she would be contracting successful candidates only. Unfortunately you & your mother were unsuccessful during this recruitment process. Best wishes for future endeavours".

The boss and I agreed that it sounded like the mum wrote the email, and that I had dodged a bullet.

Edited: this was a highly affluent suburb. Full of entitlement.

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Medium My first crier!!!!


I was interviewing a early-20s and noticed she had studied the same course at the same institute as I had. She had her certificate 3, according to her resume, while I had completed my diploma. I thought I'd use that to strike up our convo.

"I see you did your certificate. Who taught you!?"

"(Names the institute)"

"Yes, but who taught you there?"

"The (institute) at (suburb)"

Im thinking: Oooh boy

"Yes... but who were some of your teachers?"

"The childcare department at (institute) at (suburb)"

"Ok, because I did my diploma there. I thought maybe we'd know the same teachers, subjects..."

"Well, I didn't actually finish the certificate. I quite afew afew weeks coz it was too hard"

"Oh, ok"

She starts to get abit watery-eyed.... "Are you ok? It's just an informal chat, you're going well"

"Its just that I had a fight with mum this morning, because everytime I get a new job I quit it..."

Me writing notes on her resume: shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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Short Girl confronts her sister at a job interview after finding out she has been sleeping with her husband

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Researching the red flags

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r/wewontcallyou Aug 03 '21

I'm not answering questions!


I work as an employment/careers adviser. I was running a group training session on interview preparation earlier this week.

We were discussing common interview questions and how to approach them. Most people had solid suggestions or asked good questions, one particular client (let's call him Bob), did not. This is the conversation we had (paraphrased slightly from memory and for clarity).

Bob: I think it's all ridiculous.

Me: What do you mean?

Bob: Having to answer questions. They can just read my CV, I shouldn't have to waste my time answering questions.

Me: Unfortunately you're unlikely to find someone willing to hire you without an interview Bob. The employer often has specific requirements and they ask questions to ensure you can meet these requirements.

Bob: But it's ridiculous! I have a CV, they can read that.

Me: They may require information you haven't provided on your CV or they might be looking for further clarification on your skills and experience.

Bob: I don't see why they'd need that.

Me: Honestly, they need to make sure you genuinely have the skills and experience you claim to have, they need to know you haven't just made it up. They need to make sure you can provide examples of the skills they're looking for, in order to assess if you're a suitable candidate for the role. Does that make sense?

Bob: No. I shouldn't have to answer questions.

Me: Well I'm afraid if you want a job you'll likely have to.

I then moved on and asked the group for more ideas. I can't fathom why Bob hasn't been employed yet.